APM: Good text editor comparable to BBedit

Ian Ragsdale ian at SKYLIST.net
Fri Dec 12 11:42:47 CST 2003

The only thing I've found to be comparable on the windows/unix side is 
Visual Slickedit, but it's price alone is probably enough to cancel out 
any cost savings you've gained by moving away from macs. :)  Maybe you 
can save some by buying in bulk.  Take a look here:


Might I suggest that any money you save by moving to a different 
platform may be lost in worker productivity? :)  I haven't found 
anything on any platform to be as useful for editing perl as BBEdit+OS 


On Dec 12, 2003, at 10:01 AM, Randall Hennig wrote:

> I'm looking for a good text editor with an interface and functionality 
> comparable to BBedit.
> TextEdit is not even marginal IMO.  I would like something that works 
> on Windows, Linux, or BSD (non OS X), or just *nix in general.
> All of our Macs are going away because they have been costly, and the 
> alternatives are just too cheap to pass up.  But we still need 
> something that can do powerful search/replace jobs for us and I have 
> not found anything that I like.
> Perl is fine for repeatable things IMO, but for quick things, or 
> editing lots of files continously, inspecting them for 
> errors/anomolies and then editing them again and again, a nice 
> interface would be really handy.
> Thanks,
> Randy
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