APM: Good text editor comparable to BBedit

Wayne Walker wwalker at bybent.com
Sat Dec 13 18:33:25 CST 2003

I'm sorry to hear you are moving off of Macs.  If you are moving to
Windows from Macs, you will lose 10 times the hardware cost difference
very quickly.

I've always heard great things about BBedit, almost bought a Mac a few
times with BBedit being one of the biggest reasons.

Good Luck....

On Fri, Dec 12, 2003 at 04:01:58PM +0000, Randall Hennig wrote:
> I'm looking for a good text editor with an interface and functionality 
> comparable to BBedit.
> TextEdit is not even marginal IMO.  I would like something that works on 
> Windows, Linux, or BSD (non OS X), or just *nix in general.
> All of our Macs are going away because they have been costly, and the 
> alternatives are just too cheap to pass up.  But we still need something 
> that can do powerful search/replace jobs for us and I have not found 
> anything that I like.
> Perl is fine for repeatable things IMO, but for quick things, or editing 
> lots of files continously, inspecting them for errors/anomolies and then 
> editing them again and again, a nice interface would be really handy.
> Thanks,
> Randy
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