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Nick Patch n at atemoya.net
Mon Jan 23 16:20:42 PST 2012

On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 6:19 PM, Matt S Trout
<mst at shadowcatsystems.co.uk> wrote:
>> > I'd suggest turning off smart quoting for email
>> > that may be read by anything other than MS Word.
>> It displays sanely for me in Apple Mail.app and in mutt. Fix your
>> client.
> They're still horrible. Just because it's Lembark complaining doesn't mean
> he doesn't have a point.

What's horrible about them?  The apostrophe used was the
typographically correct apostrophe for English text.  It has a bad
reputation because if its frequent use in Microsoft Word as "smart
quotes" using the Windows-1252 encoding, and the traditional lack of
support for this encoding in the non-Microsoft world as well as the
misuse of it when copying and pasting.  However, the email sent was
encoded as UTF-8, as specified in the source.

Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"

Any email client with Unicode support should understand the RIGHT
SINGLE QUOTATION MARK (U+2019) and the associated glyph is available
in most fonts.  The Unicode Standard even states in the definition of
the ASCII-compatible APOSTROPHE (U+0027) that "U+2019 is preferred for
apostrophe" as well as that "preferred characters in English for
paired quotation marks are U+2018 & U+2019."

By the way, as seen in this message, I personally keep my email
typography simple and stick with ASCII punctuation, but prefer to use
proper punctuation in documents.

Nick Patch

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