[Wellington-pm] Allow myself to introduce ... myself

Dan Jacka lbd at monsternetwork.co.uk
Thu Jul 12 01:41:42 PDT 2007

Hello all,

I've become a regular Wellington Perl Mongers attendee, so thought it
appropriate to finally subscribe to this mailing list.

The welcome email says:

> Please send email to the list to introduce yourself and let us know
your areas of interest and expertise.

Here goes: I'm English, and back in England I used to work as an
embedded systems programmer using C and assembly language. Occasionally
I used Perl to write test scripts. I've lived in Wellington for two
years, working a mostly non-techy job that very occasionally required me
to write database queries. When I did, I used Perl - with ODBC and
Win32::OLE - to tie everything together. Some of you may have heard me
talk about Win32::OLE at the May meeting.

There's lots of exciting techy things happening in Wellington. Being
here has inspired me to get back into computing. I've spent a lot of my
free time in the last year using and learning about the technologies I
enjoy most, specifically Linux and its closely associated languages -
like Perl. All that hard work finally paid off: I'm starting a new job
as a web developer later this month. Woo hoo!

I enjoy Perl Mongers because it's a window into the practices of real
Perl (and Linux) developers, which is something I've often wanted but
never had before. I keep coming back for more because I learn plenty of
new things every time. Most of my programming knowledge comes from books
not people, so sometimes it's enlightening just to hear a term said out
loud and to realise that I've had it wrong all these years. 'LaTeX'
comes to mind...

Well I intended this to be one short paragraph and have rambled way past
that. I'll stop now. I look forward to learning lots more about Perl and
beyond at future PM meetings.



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