[Wellington-pm] Roundup of last night's meeting

Grant McLean grant at mclean.net.nz
Tue Jul 10 15:54:58 PDT 2007

Hi All

It was a surprisingly good turn out last night in spite of wintery
weather conditions (and it wasn't just Catalyst staff too scared to step

Thanks Sam for an interesting tour of IO::Plumbing - we're all looking
forward to a release :-)

Thanks to everyone for asking intelligent questions during my Unicode
talk (which continues below).  The slides are up on the web site now:


The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday August 14th, but nobody has
volunteered to speak yet so I'm very keen to hear from anybody who wants
an opportunity to tell us something interesting.

There were a couple of things I intended to touch on in my talk, but
failed to prepare in time ...

XML  http://wellington.pm.org/archive/200707/unicode/slide37.html

  points to note:
  - the encoding declaration at the start of the XML is used by the
    XML parser to decode the data into UTF-8
  - the result of parsing XML will always be UTF-8 - don't fight it
  - the numeric character entity € got decoded to the unicode
    character for the Euro - once again that's something XML parsers
    do - don't fight it
  - the XML declaration is optional for documents encoded in UTF-8 or
    UTF-16 - parsers are required to auto detect these encodings
  - if your document uses a different encoding and doesn't have an
    XML declaration then it is not well-formed XML

LWP  http://wellington.pm.org/archive/200707/unicode/slide39.html

  If you retrieve a file from a web server using LWP, then in order
  to properly handle the response content you need to determine the
  encoding from the headers and then use the Encode module to translate
  the response content to Perl's native UTF-8.

  If you use the response object's 'decoded_content' method instead
  of the 'content' method then that happen automatically :-)

That's all from me.

Please do reply to volunteer that talk you've been thinking about for


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