[Wellington-pm] Allow myself to introduce ... myself

lenz lenz at gschwendtner.eu
Thu Jul 12 04:21:00 PDT 2007


On 12/07/2007, at 8:41 PM, Dan Jacka wrote:

> The welcome email says:
>> Please send email to the list to introduce yourself and let us know
> your areas of interest and expertise.

well ... due to your mail i had a look at the welcome email again as  
well (got it some days ago) and ... well, in that case :-)

well, i am the guy that showed up at the last two pms and i really  
enjoyed it. it is refreshing to meet you guys.

well, for the personal introduction, i came all way down from germany  
to see if NZ is the country to be for the next time and, well, it  
looks like it for the moment. back in germany i was technical  
director of a domain registrar (united-domains.de(not nz accredited))  
and wrote all the backend stuff in perl like the hosting solution,  
the domain registering interfaces (more than 100TLDs) and all kinds  
of tools for maintenence and daily work. now i am down here and enjoy  
the kiwi way of life and do some perl programming both for work and  
at home.

just wanted to thank catalyst for the perfect organisation, the room/ 
infrastructure and the support for the community (and the beer for  

till next month

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