[Wellington-pm] Next meeting

Matthew Hunt matt at dessicated.org
Sun Nov 14 22:06:42 CST 2004

On Mon, Nov 15, 2004 at 03:49:48PM +1300, Grant McLean wrote:
> Trying to escape the long hot NZ summer?

Yeah, something like that.  Though on a day like today, I do wonder...
I'll miss the daylight hours though.

> And your significant other would not consider Perl Mongers a "top night
> out"?

Well, I haven't asked her, but my guess is that she wouldn't.  I don't
think that I'll suggest it, on balance.

> A lot of people go on holiday around then, so very low attendance would
> be expected.  Also, speakers might not have much preparation time, what
> with Christmas/New Year festivities etc.  (Although our presenters this
> month showed that allowing long lead times for preparation is largely
> unnecessary).

All fair points.  I hope to catch up with you all in March then.  Have
there been any moves made on the social meetings side of things?  Maybe
we could just do a pub meet (or similar) in the first week of December
if people are keen for a silly season drink.


Matthew Hunt

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