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Christoph Jokubonis christoph.jokubonis at univie.ac.at
Thu Jun 14 02:27:35 PDT 2012


madsen made some comfortable script for watching YAPC::NA 2012
livestreams and hosted it on github:gist

> https://gist.github.com/2926115

Thank you Mr. madsen!

regards, Christoph

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Subject: Re: [Vienna-pm] YAPC::NA 2012 / Livestreams ..
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 16:59:41 -0500
From: Christopher J. Madsen <perl at cjmweb.net>
To: Christoph Jokubonis <christoph.jokubonis at univie.ac.at>

Thanks very much for this, Christoph.  (And thanks MST for pointing out
your message.)  I've encapsulated this into a Perl script that fetches
the current stream for a specified room and opens it in VLC for you:


Feel free to resend this to the list.

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