[tpm] Strawberry or ActiveState Perl?

Antonio Sun tpm.ats at spamgourmet.com
Thu Mar 19 08:19:48 PDT 2015

Last time that I was choosing between Strawberry vs. ActiveState, my choice
was Strawberry because it is more Perl-ish than ActiveState. That's nearly
3 years ago though.


On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 11:15 AM, J Z Tam - jztam at yahoo.com <
tpm.ats.5598677aa9.jztam#yahoo.com at ob.0sg.net> wrote:

> Just setting up a QA box running Win2012 and was wondering which Perl to
> install.
> My hope is to be able to validate all our perl scripts under various
> versions, with the goal of getting to the latest revision.
> Our old Windows Servers (Win2008)   previously had ActiveState5.10?
> installed and running smoothly, but am wondering what the issues are with
> respect to:
> 1. UNinstalling the respective Perl stack if needed.  How thorough and
> clean the uninstall works for both Strawberry and ActiveState.
> 2. perlbrew.   IIRC Strawberry allows you to installing multiple revisions
> and you merely re-SET the PATH variable in the calling sequence you wish.
> As for ActiveState,  I'm not up to speed.
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