[tpm] Strawberry or ActiveState Perl?

J Z Tam jztam at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 19 08:15:34 PDT 2015

Just setting up a QA box running Win2012 and was wondering which Perl to install.My hope is to be able to validate all our perl scripts under various versions, with the goal of getting to the latest revision.
Our old Windows Servers (Win2008)   previously had ActiveState5.10? installed and running smoothly, but am wondering what the issues are with respect to:1. UNinstalling the respective Perl stack if needed.  How thorough and clean the uninstall works for both Strawberry and ActiveState.
2. perlbrew.   IIRC Strawberry allows you to installing multiple revisions and you merely re-SET the PATH variable in the calling sequence you wish.  As for ActiveState,  I'm not up to speed.
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