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Olaf Alders olaf.alders at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 09:31:24 PDT 2013

On 2013-10-30, at 12:15 PM, arocker at Vex.Net wrote:

>> I tried following the instructions in Olaf's talk.
> Is it my imagination, or is the software world beginning to strangle on
> its own complexity?

I don't have a real opinion on that, but complicated problems don't always have simple solutions.  As a parallel to this, try to get the PAUSE code up and running in a similar amount of time.  https://github.com/andk/pause You have to have a working copy of mod_perl (1!) just to get started.  At least this was the case a couple of years ago.  I don't know if any progress has been made: http://rjbs.manxome.org/rubric/entry/1904  Not to mention you have to know a lot about how PAUSE is supposed to work.  What we're trying to do here is give you access to a service with multiple layers without forcing you to know about everything that is happening under the hood.

The VM isn't perfect yet, though.  That's why we're trying to see what happens when people try to install it.


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