[tpm] MetaCpan VM

arocker at Vex.Net arocker at Vex.Net
Wed Oct 30 09:15:14 PDT 2013

> I tried following the instructions in Olaf's talk.

Is it my imagination, or is the software world beginning to strangle on
its own complexity?

Once upon a time, to produce a useful program, one had to be know a
programming language, and how to write on coding pads.

Then, it became necessary to know an operating system.

Next, came the ability to use an on-line editor.

And so on, through multiple languages simultaneously, (e.g. JCL), new and
supposedly useful paradigms like O-O, (and the numerous different
libraries that spawned), source code control systems, (good things, but
something more to learn), markup languages, virtual machines, how to
install them...

Getting a simple program going seems to involve about seventeen steps now.
(And, of course, employers who want five years experience in packages
launched three years ago.)

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