[tpm] MetaCpan VM

arocker at Vex.Net arocker at Vex.Net
Wed Oct 30 09:59:10 PDT 2013

> I don't have a real opinion on that, but complicated problems don't always
> have simple solutions.

What I was grumbling about was complicated solutions to simple problems.
"Solutions" shouldn't be more complicated than the problem they set out to

> What we're trying to do here is give you access to a service with multiple
> layers without forcing you to know about everything that is happening

I didn't mean a particular criticism of MetaCpan's process; it seems quite
normal by today's standards.

Adding a program used to be a simple matter of putting a file in an
appropriate directory. Now, it's unpack a tarball, initiate an install,
hope that it uses compatible libraries, has no unfulfilled dependencies,
and doesn't do anything ugly to the existing directory hierarchy.

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