[tpm] Do we have a schedule?

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Regarding the "maker shop" field trip to http://site3.ca     Even a few days notice, ... say the Monday of the week, is enough notice for the Makers themselves.  If I get a group of 4 or more interested people, we could possibly book the field trip for a different Thursday of the month. Thursday happens to be THEIR open house weeknight is all.

The only reason I was hype about last month was due to their unadvertized 'special guest'.

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> I'll update the web site and note that Matt is "possible".

That's good; at least we have one month settled.

What about the lady who might be available for July? Outside speakers are
good; they keep us from getting bored listening to each other. Can we
guarantee an audience to make it worthwhile for her and not embarrassing
for us?

There's also Jordan's suggestion of a visit to a "Maker" site, but that
needs clear notice at least a couple of months in advance.

Is there somebody available to relieve Mike of the organising duties, (and
me of being the whine-merchant).

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