[tpm] PAR::Packer and cygwin

Fulko Hew fulko.hew at gmail.com
Fri Jun 7 08:42:54 PDT 2013

After a lot of fighting... I've made some progress on my battle
of using PAR to package my app on various OSs.

[I've gotten something built on Solaris and now I just have to find out
how to make a proper pkgadd package out of it.]

But my question of the day is really the MS Windows / Cygwin environment.
I hope you (or anyone else) can help...

When I run my Cygwin/PAR application under a DOS shell
(with PATH also pointing to c:\cygwin\bin)  it now actually
starts my app, but it immediately dies with:

Can't locate File/Temp.pm in @INC ...

Is it because of slash versus backslash?
Is it because @INC contains entries like /usr/lib/perl5...
Is it because the @INC entries are rooted at '/' and Windows
  doesn't understand that and Cygwin modules aren't kicking in?

Any clues?


PS:  For those not privy to my earlier background discussions:

- I can't use Strawberry Perl because some of the modules I need
  don't work under it, only works under Cygwin Perl.

- I'm trying to make a single executable for distribution
  (that's what PAR is for)

- It needs to be invokable from DOS (srvany) and not from within
  CYGWIN's terminal window
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