[tpm] PAR::Packer and cygwin

Indy Singh indy at indigostar.com
Fri Jun 7 09:39:31 PDT 2013

Open a shell and use ls and/or find to locate where File/Temp.pm is located. Likely the C:\ will be represented as /c/. Add that path to your @INC variable with a begin or use lib statement.

However your application is not going to be portable to another machine where this folder and file does not exist. Perhaps you need to make sure that the file is packaged into the application to start with. Perhaps add an explicit ‘use File::Temp;’ statement.

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From: Fulko Hew 
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Subject: [tpm] PAR::Packer and cygwin

After a lot of fighting... I've made some progress on my battle
of using PAR to package my app on various OSs.

[I've gotten something built on Solaris and now I just have to find out
how to make a proper pkgadd package out of it.]

But my question of the day is really the MS Windows / Cygwin environment.
I hope you (or anyone else) can help...

When I run my Cygwin/PAR application under a DOS shell
(with PATH also pointing to c:\cygwin\bin)  it now actually
starts my app, but it immediately dies with:

Can't locate File/Temp.pm in @INC ...

Is it because of slash versus backslash?
Is it because @INC contains entries like /usr/lib/perl5...
Is it because the @INC entries are rooted at '/' and Windows
  doesn't understand that and Cygwin modules aren't kicking in?

Any clues?


PS:  For those not privy to my earlier background discussions:

- I can't use Strawberry Perl because some of the modules I need
  don't work under it, only works under Cygwin Perl.

- I'm trying to make a single executable for distribution
  (that's what PAR is for)

- It needs to be invokable from DOS (srvany) and not from within
  CYGWIN's terminal window

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