[tpm] Looking for contracts or position

Tom Legrady legrady at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 16:13:19 PST 2012

The contract I'm on is changing directions and I don't see a place there
any longer.

Beginning in the new year, I'm available for contract work or a long term

My primary experience is with back-room programs. For the past eight years
I have worked in a financial environment with ETL (extract-transform-load)
scripts to load data files into databases, focusing on huge data volumes,
speed, reliability, maintainability. Previous work has involved both
business and science/engineering domains.

I'm not totally unfamiliar with web technologies---12 years ago I
introduced CGI and HTML template at a company which relied on Perl 4-ish
cgi.pl and print statements. But while I have some familiarity with HTML5,
JavaScript and CSS, it's not my main focus.

I've got my resume online at http://tomlegrady.com/resume/resume.pdf. Please
contact me if you are aware of any opportunities in or near Toronto.


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