[tpm] Toronto Perl Mongers and the O'Reilly User Group Program

Mike Stok mike at stok.ca
Mon Jan 25 16:39:21 PST 2010

I have signed the Toronto Perl Mongers up in the O'Reilly User Group Program, and from time to time I'll forward the User Group newsletter to the list.  In return for that, and a banner on the TPM web site we can get review copies of books, on condition that we post the review, and discounts off books, e-books, and some conferences purchased from O'Reilly.

Interesting bits of the welcome email sent to the group leader (ignoring the exciting administrivia):

> O'Reilly offers free review copies of our books. As the group rep, you may request a copy for review in your newsletter, web site, blog, mail ing list, or for your group library. Requests for review copies must be submitted by you, as the contact for your group. If you wish for the review copy to be shipped to another group member, please supply the name, address, and phone number of that member for shipment. If a review of a book has been written, please forward a copy to me. We are also encouraging user group members to post reviews to sites such as Amazon, Slashdot, and oreilly.com.

> Your group members receive a 35% discount on O'Reilly, Microsoft Press, No Starch, PC Publishing, Pragmatic Bookshelf, Rocky Nook, SitePoint, or YoungJin products purchased directly from O'Reilly. And 45% on ebooks. The discount code your members should use is ********. Orders can be placed online atoreilly.com or by calling 800-998-9938. Your members are also entitled to a discount on O'Reilly conferences and tutorials. Other special discount offers may also be forwarded to your group from time to time.

(email me for the discount code - our mailing list archives are public and the discount is for group members.)

> In addition, we regularly donate books and other promotional items for raffles or auctions to help your group raise money, or for meeting door prizes--just let me know if you're in need of something. (Please allow enough time for ground shipping.)

If anyone wants to get a review copy of a book then get in touch with me and it can be organized quite quickly - and the book doesn't have to be directly related to Perl.



Mike Stok <mike at stok.ca>

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