[tpm] Perl modules

arocker at vex.net arocker at vex.net
Fri Jan 15 05:45:43 PST 2010

Thanks, everybody for the ideas, most of which were quite close to the truth.

As usual in an apparently paradoxical problem description, the answer lay
in something omitted.

I said "I" moved the module to a system library; actually it was a system
administrator who did that. He moved it into a directory containing
locally developed modules, and renamed it to match the local standard.

What he forgot to do, and what didn't occur to until I went home, was to
change the "package" statement in the module to match its new name.
Consequently, Perl found the file, but didn't name the subroutines

E.g. Original filename - Foo.pm  contains "package Foo:" - works
     New filename - Local/Foo    contains "package Foo;" - broken
                    Local/Foo    contains "package Local::Foo" - works

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