[tpm] GD::Graph question

Jim Harris ja_harris at rogers.com
Tue Aug 26 08:15:10 PDT 2008


use strict;
use GD::Graph::area;
#use GD::Graph::lines;
use Carp;
use Time::Local;

umask 0222;

#       set dimensions for graphics
our ($x,$y) =(500, 210);

open CONFIG, $configfile
        or die "can't open $configfile: $!";

our %TTY;
while (<CONFIG>) {
        if (/^(\d) (\S+) (\S.*)/) {
                $LOCATION{$1} = $2;
                $TTY{$1}      = $3;

my (@ttyi, at ttyt, at both, at label);
#       $ttyi[$x] = $y; and so on
#       $both[] = sum of tty's on the device, there's always two on each device

my @data;
my @legend;
my @colors;

if ($TTY{$switch} =~ /ttyt/) {
        @data = (
                [ @label ],
                [ @both  ],
                [ @ttyt  ],
        @legend = (
        @colors = (
else {
        die "cannot determine proper TTYs";

$graph = GD::Graph::area->new($x,$y);


#       x_label         => $dateLabel,
        x_label         => "$title   $dateLabel  $weekday[$wday]",
        #x_label                => '',
        x_label_skip    => 6 * 3,
        x_tick_offset   => 6 * 3,
#       x_all_ticks     => 1,

#       two_axes        => 1,

        y_label => 'completions / 10 minutes',
        y_min_value     =>  0,
        y_max_value     => $speed,
        y_tick_number   =>  $speed/20,
        y_label_skip    => 2,

) or die $graph->error;

$graph->set( dclrs => [ @colors ] );
        legend_placement        => 'RT',

my $gd = $graph->plot(\@data) or die $graph->error;

open (IMG, '>', $png) or die "can't open '$png': $!";
binmode IMG;
print IMG $gd->png;
close IMG;


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If SVG is OK for you (client browser support wise)
I'd go one of two routes:
1. draw a SVG graph with the first dataset and a second graph with
almost everything 0% opaque so only the line shows up.

2. get into SVG Graph and change the code so y scale can be a scalar or
an array. Then adjust the scaling code to use the array element
corresponding to the dataset.

Idea 2 is probably implementable in GD Graph.

Mark Fowle

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Scott Elcomb wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 24, 2008 at 7:47 PM, Alex Beamish <talexb at gmail.com>
>> My first Perl gig ten years ago was doing graphs, and I used Gnuplot
>> quite successfully to draw graphs-- it's a very flexible package.
> Hmm.  My first gig involved writing wrappers around GD::Graph.  Since
> it was "my first gig" the code in my ... um... uh... library
> definitely reflects that.  One day I might even get around to
> modernizing it and making it useful.
> Unfortunately (fortunately?) I never had to deal with this particular
> problem.  Madison, if you find a solution could I ask that you post it
> up for us?
> Many thanks.
> - Scott.

At this point, I've moved on from GD::Graph and am playing with 
SVG::TT::Graph. I'm having mixed luck; It seems like a much more 
flexible solution and I am getting cleaner graphs, but I have not yet 
been enable to figure out to create a dual Y-axis graph, assuming it is 
possible at all.

Once I figure something out I will indeed post it to the list "for 
posterity". :)

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