[tpm] August Meeting - This week - Thu 28 Aug, 2008

Michael Graham magog at the-wire.com
Tue Aug 26 19:09:23 PDT 2008

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The next meeting is this Thursday, 28 August.

 Speaker:   Madison Kelly 

   Title:   D-Bus and Perl's Net::DBus binding

    Date:   Thursday 28 Aug 2008

    Time:   6:45pm

    Cost:   Free!

   Where:   2 Bloor Street West (NW corner of Yonge/Bloor, skyscraper
            with the CIBC logo on top) room 15 on the 8th floor 


    D-Bus is a relatively new and very flexible system for IPC being
    used by many popular applications in the OSS family. It is used by
    Gnome to listen to HAL for hardware changes, by Pidgen for
    connection information and more.

    The talk will cover an introduction to D-Bus and then focus on the
    Net::DBus module; the perl D-Bus binding. Examples will be given
    on building methods for export on the D-Bus message bus, message
    broadcasting and retrieval, using existing and dedicated message
    buses and more.


    The elevators in the building are "locked down" after 5:30pm
    to people without building access cards.  Leading up to the
    meeting someone will come down to the main floor lobby every
    few minutes to ferry people upstairs.

    After 19:00, you can reach the access-card-carrying guy via
    a cell phone number that we'll leave with security in the
    front lobby.  The room and floor numbers will be left with
    security too.

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