[tpm] TPM talk suggestions

Shaun Fryer sfryer at sourcery.ca
Fri Apr 18 10:19:31 PDT 2008

If you like, you're free to use the following library for Ajax (Utils.httpReq).
I know there are alot of them out there, including Prototype which is widely
used. Mine however, also handles syncronous requests cross-browser, which to
my knowledge no other OSS libraries do.


Of course any questions can be addressed to me. For pretty small stuff
(<15 mins), I don't mind occasionally helping out with JavaScripting pro-bono.

    Shaun Fryer

On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 12:06:26PM -0400, adam.prime at utoronto.ca wrote:
> new Ajax(url, {
>      method: 'get',
>      update: $('replace_me')
> }).request();

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