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> Quoting Fulko Hew <fulko.hew at gmail.com>:
> > Hijacking this thread...
> >
> > Can we have a talk on simple AJAX in Perl?
> > I know Kees gave us a talk, but I'm just wanting to do simple RPC
> > and something like dynamically updating a table, or portion of a screen.
> >
> > I must be stupid, but I've hit a bump in the learning curve.
> The server side of AJAX isn't really that much different than the
> server side of CGI really.  you just take a request and compose a
> response.  Depending on what javascript library you are using (if you
> are using one at all) will determine what your page generates.  It
> could be XML, it could be html, it could be JSON, it could be anything.
> The "hard" (or potentially hard) part is the javascript, but most of
> the ajax i've written was for the mootools library, and the actual JS
> boils down to this:
> new Ajax(url, {
>     method: 'get',
>     update: $('replace_me')
> }).request();
> Which just fetches the URL 'url', and stuffs whatever it gets back
> from that URL into the element with the ID replace_me.  Obviously this
> is a pretty simple example of ajax, but it's a start.

Still too high level (abstract)
I like/need something around the 500 foot level, not 10,000 feet.  :-)
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