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Jacqui Caren Jacqui.caren at ntlworld.com
Fri Mar 14 04:49:30 PDT 2008

Ismail, Rafiq (IT) wrote:
> I was up till late trying to figure out what it was that hadn't been 
> configured properly.  I wrote an app using Net::SMTP which seemed to 
> send emails as the specified user.  Doesn't seem to work through the twiki.

Want a code review?
have you redir'd STDERR and enabled Debug => 1?

  my $smtp = new Net::SMTP $hostname, Debug => 1;

> Any hints on configuration?  What I find odd is that the twiki admin has 
> been receiving all users validation emails.  The envelope-to is the 
> twiki admin, while there is also a 'to' header for the actual user.  
> Hints from the better versed? 

I have only seen missing tld from twiki emails.


  From: <twiki-admin>
  To:   <jacqui.... at our.tld>

When fixed (envelope and headers).

  From: <twiki-admin at our.tld>
  To:   <jacqui.... at our.tld>

Note the prior worked in house but failed to send email
outside our network - such as clients and my home accounts.

> I'll try and resolve this over the weekend. 

Give me a call over the weekend - I cannot promise I can spare much time
but I will try and help.

Jacqui 01276 2640

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