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Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Mon Jun 23 02:19:01 PDT 2008

Quoting Greg Matthews <gmatt at nerc.ac.uk>:

> John TV.pm wrote:
>> Greg Matthews wrote:
>>> ...  Does anyone recognise it from this short
>>> description?
>> Pretty sure that's from the original (Perl 4!) Camel book. Dunno about
>> later editions.
> thats what i was worried about (just realised I hadnt checked the first
> edition, just 2nd and 3rd!). the fact that its not in either the 2nd or
> 3rd might suggest:
> a) theres something wrong with the script
> b) theres a better way of doing it
> c) longer scripts were taken out of future editions.
> d) something else.
> as long as its not a or b I'll just rework it to fit my new requirements.
> ps yes a quick check in old pink camel book turned up this script pages
> 286-302(!)

The structure of the Camel book changed radically between the first  
and second editions. The first (pink) edition had a couple of chapters  
that were basically just listings of useful Perl programs.

By the time the second (blue) edition was being prepared, Perl had  
grown so much that there wasn't room for these chapters any more. They  
were therefore spun off into a separate book (The Perl Cookbook). I'm  
not sure if this particular program made it into the Cookbook, but  
that would be where I would start looking :)



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