[Thamesvalley-pm] Meeting & Talks

Adam Trickett adam.trickett at iredale.net
Sun Aug 12 06:40:54 PDT 2007


Is there a meeting set this week?

I'm prepared to give a talk if anyone is prepared to listen! but I need to 
know ASAP as I have to write it. I currently don't work on Mondays so I plan 
to write it tomorrow if there is going to be a meeting this week.

Talks I'd give:
* Using Perl and SAP in an Enterprise environment.
* Why Templating is Evil.
* Kwalitee, what is it? How do I improve mine?

Adam Trickett
Overton, HANTS, UK

My organ doesn't work properly and emits strange burning smells
    -- seen on Usenet
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