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Hi Adam,

I'd ideally like to organise something for this Saturday (AM/Early PM),
thus, I'm hoping that you guys would be able to tell me whether it's
convenient? Vote?

I'm going to try and reach Will to get finalisation on whether this is
also practical from the perspective of using our usual venue.

Let's try and reach some kind of decision by the end of day.



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Is there a meeting set this week?

I'm prepared to give a talk if anyone is prepared to listen! but I need
to know ASAP as I have to write it. I currently don't work on Mondays so
I plan to write it tomorrow if there is going to be a meeting this week.

Talks I'd give:
* Using Perl and SAP in an Enterprise environment.
* Why Templating is Evil.
* Kwalitee, what is it? How do I improve mine?

Adam Trickett
Overton, HANTS, UK

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