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Hi Adam,

It depends on the mind set.  I arranged the previous meeting by speaking
with the guy who managed the building itself.  I was fortunate in that
he was extremely keen to support a bunch of geek who were enthusiastic
about Perl.  Rare.

When I worked with Codix about eight years ago, our manager a geekus
himself and willingly offered our facilities for a couple of london.pm

If you can convince them that it's a good idea, it then boils down to:

* Health and safety - probably logging in people, might appease.
* Security - restricting their access - physically and computationally
* Logistics - you can arrange the thing with minimal hastle to them.

It's the first two which might prove an issue.

One of the selling points for Will was actually the fact that people
might follow up and book meeting rooms.  Probably not applicable to most
tech firms, but you can always point out that it gives the firm some
more credibility and makes it better known to the community.

Just some stray thoughts.


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I was wondering, for those people who convinced an employer to let them
host a technical event such as a LUG/PM meeting on site, what hoops did
they have to jump through to be allowed to host the meeting?

I assume there was the sign in and sign out and you have to be in
attendance at all times, and make sure everything is in order, but what
other things did they expect you to do?

We have plenty of large meeting rooms at work and we could easily host a
Perl Mongers day, we have projectors/screens, plenty of tables and
chairs and non-corporate network internet access. I think we can also
cordon of the building so the access is restricted.

If I did ask I know there would the obvious concerns, but I wondered
what was reasonable and what have people put up with? The recent
ThamesValley.PM meeting took place in a commercial office space, and I
know banks have hosted technical meetings before now for the London.PM.

Being based in Basingstoke in north Hampshire may be a useful location
for some meetings.

Adam Trickett
Overton, HANTS, UK

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