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I like the business time idea a lot. My issue is the evening meeting time,
and while I think that should still be the emphasis of the group, I would
really like to at least try a daytime option. I can't get people into my
building in Bellevue, but am willing to find a venue for those in Bellevue.
My preference would be near I-90 and 148th Ave SE, but I'm interested to
hear what would be good for others. If you would like to send me addresses
of workplaces (east and west side) I'll build a map on PowerMap (
http://hobbiton.thisside.net/advmap.html) and post the results. If you are
uncomfortable giving out your work address, just give me the address of the
nearest Starbucks or such.
 On 10/20/05, Kevin Fink <kevin-spug at fink.com> wrote:
> One idea that I'd like to float is having some of the meetings during
> business hours, in a location near where (at least some subset of) SPUG
> members work.
> For those of us who work long hours and have families, taking an hour or
> two out of a workday may be more palatable than an evening. It certainly
> would be for me. And for many of us who work in the Perl world, taking
> time off work to attend professional meetings is acceptable (and even
> desirable - heck, I pay for my employees to attend out-of-town
> conferences, so I'm certainly going to encourage them to attend free local
> meetings!).
> <wild_speculation> In the early days, many/most SPUG members were
> INTERESTED in Perl rather than WORKING in Perl. Nowadays, I think there
> is a much larger and more robust group of professional Perl programmers
> and associated technologists that either are members of SPUG, or should be
> if they're not already. </wild_speculation>
> I don't think this will work for everyone, hence the suggestion that SOME
> meetings should be tried during business hours.
> Thoughts?
> Kevin
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