SPUG: SPUGwiki Needs Photos, etc.

Brian Wisti brian at coolnamehere.com
Fri Jul 18 12:36:00 CDT 2003

Okay, okay.  I added my member page at the SPUG kwiki.  What's next, 
you'll make us show up for meetings and respond to SPUG list mail? ;-)

- Brian Wisti

Tim Maher wrote:

>For the last four months, I've been traveling around
>North America singing the praises of SPUG, and arguing
>that 2nd-Biggest is better than Biggest, when the biggest
>(London.pm) is primarily a drinking club, instead of one that
>relegates that activity to 2nd place where it belongs, after
>Perl technical discussions.
>But along the way various people have suggested that mailing
>list size is not the proper metric for judging Perl group
>"bigosity", but rather some index more sensitive to how actively
>those members are participating.
>Which brings me to my point. We announced the SPUG wiki more
>than 10 days ago, and thus far, only *six individuals* have
>taken the time to make MemberPages for themselves there.
>Could it possibly be true that 98% of the individuals on our
>mailing list are not even reading the posts, or if they are, too
>disinterested to brag about their modules or kids or pets and
>to post photos on a page that promises free publicity and instant
>I hope not!
[ snip ]

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