SPUG: SPUGwiki Needs Photos, etc.

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Fri Jul 18 12:13:55 CDT 2003


For the last four months, I've been traveling around
North America singing the praises of SPUG, and arguing
that 2nd-Biggest is better than Biggest, when the biggest
(London.pm) is primarily a drinking club, instead of one that
relegates that activity to 2nd place where it belongs, after
Perl technical discussions.

But along the way various people have suggested that mailing
list size is not the proper metric for judging Perl group
"bigosity", but rather some index more sensitive to how actively
those members are participating.

Which brings me to my point. We announced the SPUG wiki more
than 10 days ago, and thus far, only *six individuals* have
taken the time to make MemberPages for themselves there.

Could it possibly be true that 98% of the individuals on our
mailing list are not even reading the posts, or if they are, too
disinterested to brag about their modules or kids or pets and
to post photos on a page that promises free publicity and instant

I hope not!

So here's another invitation to visit spugwiki.perlocity.org,
hosted by Andy Sweger, and make a page for yourself there.


Because it will help us build our community and solidify our
interrelationships, by making it easier for us to recognize
each other at meetings, and to know who works were, and who's
involved in what aspects of different technologies.

I'm convinced this will be good for us as individuals and for
our group, so I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity
to make yourself better known to other SPUGsters.

As a side benefit, participating in this activity will make
you more aware of the strengths and weaknesses of Ingy's Kwiki
software, which by some strange coincidence will be the topic
of our next meeting, on Aug. 19. 8-}

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