Kevin is going where?

George Woolley george at
Tue Feb 10 17:47:49 CST 2004

Best wishes in your new setting.

Many thanks for your suggestion
(back when we started) 
that join the O'Reilly user group program.
We did and that has turned out to be really good for us.

Keep in touch.

George Woolley

On Tuesday 10 February 2004 2:26 pm, Kevin Bingham wrote:
> Greetings fellow Perl Mongers!
> Thought you would all like to know that I am leaving O'Reilly and leaving
> the state, for Kansas City (MO). My last day at O'Reilly will be March
> 12th. So there will be a meeting on the 24th at O'Reilly, but beyond that
> it's up to somebody else picking up the torch.
> If there is somebody on the list within O'Reilly who could pick up the
> torch, no doubt the rest of the crew will appreciate it. Else somebody will
> need to manage the mailing list and website and new meeting location. No
> doubt we can all talk about it on the 24th.
> Hmmm, need to join KC PM's mailing list now....
> Kudos!
> -Kevin

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