Perl Mongers Meeting Thursday the 30th

Eric Eisenhart eric at
Wed May 29 14:24:14 CDT 2002

On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 11:38:03AM -0700, Seb wrote:
> Hi all. I know I was one of the "Thursday's are great!" votes last year,
> but I'm unfortunately committed most Thursday nights these days. I
> wonder if anyone else is having trouble making the Thursday meetings, or
> would prefer a different day? If I'm the lone voice, I'll happily suck
> up and deal...and do my best to make what meetings I can, but if anyone
> else would like to 'second' a day change vote for future meetings, I'm
> all ears :)

I'll second the motion; I've been busy almost everything Thursday night
since 1996.  (which is a big part of why I'm never at Perl Monger's meetings
despite otherwise being interested)

> The best evenings for me in order of preference are: Tuesday, Monday,
> Wednesday, and Sunday.

Sunday's frequently a bad day for me and likely a bad day for a lot of

If you are going to reschedule, make sure to look at stuff like to try and avoid conflicting with the
schedule of anything vaguely nearby that somebody might want to go to that
would also be interested in a Perl meeting.  (looking there it looks like
most Mondays and some Wednesdays are unpopular)

I'd suggest the order of preference be Wednesday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
if a move away from thursdays was being considered beyond, well, Seb and
myself...  2nd wednesdays are pretty popular, but the third wednesday and
last wednesday of each month are both thoroughly unpopular (and therefore
good choices a user group).

(for those that don't know, I'm a general malcontent, one of the main NBLUG
people and one of the comp.lang.perl.moderated moderators.)
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