[sf-perl] Reminder regarding SF.pm mailing list rules and ettiquite

Fred Moyer fred at redhotpenguin.com
Fri May 17 11:02:27 PDT 2013

Hello San Francisco Perl Mongers mailing list members,

We've had a few posts recently which were followed by a number of
mailman unsubscribes, so I wanted to take a quick minute and remind
everyone of the list rules. You received a copy of these rules when
you signed up for the mailing list [1], but someones we all need a

Use the [job] tag for job postings. This not only helps people filter
out job postings, but also helps them find those postings. You're
looking for people who are looking for jobs right? Use the job tag and
you'll have a much better chance of finding them.

All Perl related posts are welcome, and other tech postings with the
[offtopic] tag are ok, but commercial postings are strongly
discouraged. If you are posting to give away free ipads (without an
accompanying Perl application obviously), advertise your new startup
that isn't Perl related, or give away special offers, your post
probably does not belong here.

Thanks, and happy Friday!

Welcome to the SF.pm list!  A few short guidelines:

1) Use [tags] where possible. This is required for any [job] posting,
put the [job] tag in the subject line.

2) Be nice. If something bothers you, I want you to be nice.

3) Feel free to post anything Perl related. Other tech postings are
allowed with the [off-topic] tag in the subject. Please note that
commercial postings without the [off-topic] tag may result in being
banned from the list.

Thanks, and visit our meetup page at

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