[sf-perl] Managing Perl Projects

George Hartzell hartzell at alerce.com
Mon Mar 25 15:01:05 PDT 2013

I'll echo Jeff T's comment.  It matters a lot more that you put some
tools in place AND USE THEM than it does finding an optimal set.

jpbida writes:
 > What are your favorite set-ups for managing multiple developers
 > contributing to a single perl code base?  What is a good resource for doing
 > this right?  I'm really interested in projects using Dancer/Catalyst
 > Frameworks.
 > 1) *Revision Systems*
 >     svn

or git.  Knowing git a la GitHub can be really useful for
collaborating with many of the popular CPAN package authors. 

 > 2) *Code Review Tools and Release Management*
 >     http://www.reviewboard.org
 > 3) *Automated Testing *
 >     Test::More
 >     Jenkins
 >     Interface testing?? is there something out there that can simulate

I've used Jenkins in the past, but can't say much more than it works.

You "should" include some quality-ish tests along with your real
tests, e.g. running perlcritic, possibly perltidy, etc....

You "should" probably be building your dists automagically.
Dist::Zilla makes this reasonable.  And then you should be testing the
building process too.

I used to have jenkins (hudson, back in the day) configured to run a
simple shell fragment that did a 'dzil test' in the project root, this
tested the build and (with some extra env. variables) ran through all
of the tests (t, xt, ...) too.

 > clicks?
 > 4)* Requirements Management*
 >    trac, How to write a requirement?
 > 5) *Managing Test, UAT, & production environments*

Pinto.  cpanm.

 > or anything else that you would include in a good large project set-up.

emacs (there!  If nothing above started a discussion, *that* ought


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