[sf-perl] [poll] What Perl IDE do you use?

Dan Dascalescu ddascalescu at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 17:50:39 PDT 2011

>> But let's consider someone new to Perl, without prior investment. Are
>> there objective reasons why they should *not* use a *real* IDE (Padre,
>> Eclipse+EPIC, Komodo IDE)?
> Wow. It boggles the mind that you don't think there are any people who
> find that they're more productive without an IDE! You might have
> noticed that many Unix/Linux programmers prefer the shell prompt to a
> file manager. That's why IDE/no-IDE and command-line/GUI are
> considered religious issues.

Of course I understand that. I've also shown a bunch of command line
addicts at work how I was more productive on a variety of task than
them, using my trusty file manager. That's not the point. I also use
the command line a lot for another variety of tasks that my trusty
file manager is less suite for.

I specified "let's consider someone new to Perl, without prior
investment", and - my mistake - I should have added, "someone without
such heavy prior investment in command-line that they're simply
reluctant to use an IDE".

But indeed, this is a religious issue, and putting oneself with heavy
prior investment in the shoes of someone without prior investment, may
be hard.


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