[sf-perl] Genentech is hiring [more].

George Hartzell hartzell at alerce.com
Fri Apr 9 18:13:22 PDT 2010

Fred Moyer writes:
 > Hi George,
 > While we really appreciate you thinking of the list for your
 > prospects, in the future please use the [job] tag in the subject for
 > all job postings to the list, per the previous discussion here:
 > http://mail.pm.org/pipermail/sanfrancisco-pm/2009-August/002437.html

You know, I think that's the *second* time I've done that (I'm not on
the net, hopefully that link isn't you pointing it out to me the first
time around).

Apologies for the mis-subject.

Thanks for making the list available!


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