[sf-perl] Call for Speakers...

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Mon Apr 12 21:15:03 PDT 2010

So, with our upcoming talk we have another in our series of talks on web
form handling and validation:

On Tuesday, April 27, at 7pm Bryan Beeley will be giving the talk:
"HTML::FormHandler, a Moose based form rendering and validation framework"
(that's at Six Apart, as usual).

If possible, we'd like to keep going with this in May, though at present
it looks like it will be a few months before the next entry in the series.

Does anyone have any ideas for upcoming talks they might like to give?
Any ideas for speakers we should approach?  (Who was that who was
interested in doing an "introduction to git" talk?)

The next open date is Tuesday, May 25.

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