[sf-perl] TLS over AUTH

Thomas Brightbill thomas at brightbill.net
Thu May 29 16:16:08 PDT 2008

On Thu, 29 May 2008, Kevin Patterson wrote:

> I tried the CPAN installer, but I am still coming up short of missing
> some modules..

Hi Kevin,

I'm hoping someone with better experience jumps in....

To confirm a couple things:

  - is the module you're trying to install Net::SMTP::TLS?
  - do you have root privledges on the machine you're trying to install
    it on?

I just tried to install Net::SMTP::TLS using the CPAN shell while logged
in as a non-root user and it looked like it died trying to install
Net::SSLeay.  I also tried to install just Net::SSLeay and that failed as


Thomas Brightbill
thomas at brightbill.net

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