[sf-perl] IDEs and/or Editors

Dan Keller dan at keller.com
Thu Feb 22 17:09:29 PST 2007

At 04:54 PM 2/22/2007, Andy Lester wrote:

>For me, vim's color coding is part of everything I do.  If I do  
>anything wrong, it just feels wrong.  For example, if I close a quote  
>incorrectly, the rest of my code is purple.  Even if I can't tell  
>exactly what's wrong, I just FEEL that there's a problem, and I stop  
>until I figure it out.

I agree, when the colors look funny I know something's mismatched
and I better look harder.  Truly a productivity boost, at least for me.

What drives me nuts (and I'm sure it's just a misconfiguration but I
haven't figured it out yet) is vim's "smart" indenting.  Good old vi had
a much more rudimentary auto-indent -- it just indented the same as
the previous line -- but vim tries to be clever, and screws up my
own indents.  So here's my question for you vim wizards:  is there a
way to tell vim to just be vi?  Or at least to just auto-indent the old-
fashioned way?  :-)

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