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You could try setting the indentexpr="", which takes away any special
routines for handling the indentation, then you want to set autoindent
so that it behaves in the way you like it. If this works then you should
add it to your vimrc file so it is used on every invocation.

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At 04:54 PM 2/22/2007, Andy Lester wrote:

>For me, vim's color coding is part of everything I do.  If I do 
>anything wrong, it just feels wrong.  For example, if I close a quote 
>incorrectly, the rest of my code is purple.  Even if I can't tell 
>exactly what's wrong, I just FEEL that there's a problem, and I stop 
>until I figure it out.

I agree, when the colors look funny I know something's mismatched and I
better look harder.  Truly a productivity boost, at least for me.

What drives me nuts (and I'm sure it's just a misconfiguration but I
haven't figured it out yet) is vim's "smart" indenting.  Good old vi had
a much more rudimentary auto-indent -- it just indented the same as the
previous line -- but vim tries to be clever, and screws up my own
indents.  So here's my question for you vim wizards:  is there a way to
tell vim to just be vi?  Or at least to just auto-indent the old-
fashioned way?  :-)

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