[sf-perl] Kwiki anyone?

Dan Sully daniel at electricrain.com
Fri Aug 11 21:45:31 PDT 2006

* Vicki Brown shaped the electrons to say...

>Has anyone successfully installed Kwiki? (CGI::Kwiki).  Alternatively, is
>there an OOPerl wizard on this list who might be able to help me debug a


I would stay away if you are installing a new Wiki.

It's poorly documented, and unsupported. Additionally it uses non-standard
idioms created by the author by using supporting modules that make heavy use
of filters (by the same author).

FWIW, Kwiki:: has replaced CGI::Kwiki. I would still stay away.

Instead, I would suggest Twiki (be sure to keep up with security patches), or
MediaWiki (yes, it's PHP)

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