[sf-perl] Kwiki anyone?

Vicki Brown vlb at cfcl.com
Fri Aug 11 21:34:44 PDT 2006

Has anyone successfully installed Kwiki? (CGI::Kwiki).  Alternatively, is
there an OOPerl wizard on this list who might be able to help me debug a

Kwiki is a Perl-based simple wiki engine handled by CGI::Kwiki, and a bunch
of "plugin" modules.  URL: http://www.kwiki.org

I recently installed Kwiki to play with it. All went well until I started to
try out some of the "themes" (the default installation is about as
interesting as a sheet of unlined paper...). Now my Kwiki is deeply confused,
as am I.

You can see the problem at http://cfcl.com/kwiki/ -
  Template Toolkit error:
  file error - theme_screen.html: not found ...

The file (theme_screen.html) exists in the theme subdir of the Kwiki
but something is bogus and I'm lost. Meanwhile, the KWiki mailing list seems
to be dead and the original developer isn't answering email.  Sigh.
- Vicki

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