[Saltlake-pm] Topics for PerlMongers, OpenWest and/or YAPC

David Scholes david at scholes.us
Thu Dec 11 17:21:57 PST 2014

I saw Doran's and Dave's resent requests for presentations. I'm really not
sure what would draw the best crowd but thought I'd throw out a few rough
ideas and see what you all think. Nothing really new or exciting here but
if there is any interest, I'm willing to put something together on one or
two of them. I'd probably want to do them first in a PerlMongers and get
feedback and ideas from everyone else. If anyone wants to do any of these
yourself, please do. Just throwing ideas out there.

1) Perl Debugger and debugging complex, convoluted or unfamiliar code

2) End User Reporting – Spreadsheets, CSV, PDF, Templates, LaTeX, format

3) Teaching Perl to Kids before we all die off. I have foster kids to
experiment on. Might be good to have a few people work on this one.

4) Organizing Data – building data structures to simplify your code

5) Regular Expressions – Could be taught somewhat language agnostic or at
least point out some of the differences between languages.

David Scholes
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