[Saltlake-pm] Topics for PerlMongers, OpenWest and/or YAPC

Jason Hall jayce at lug-nut.com
Fri Dec 12 08:36:25 PST 2014

Being one of those people that loves to abuse the Perl Debugger for awesome
means, I often lament how few people know how/when to use it. So I'd love
to see some education on that :)

On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 6:21 PM, David Scholes <david at scholes.us> wrote:

> I saw Doran's and Dave's resent requests for presentations. I'm really not
> sure what would draw the best crowd but thought I'd throw out a few rough
> ideas and see what you all think. Nothing really new or exciting here but
> if there is any interest, I'm willing to put something together on one or
> two of them. I'd probably want to do them first in a PerlMongers and get
> feedback and ideas from everyone else. If anyone wants to do any of these
> yourself, please do. Just throwing ideas out there.
> 1) Perl Debugger and debugging complex, convoluted or unfamiliar code
> 2) End User Reporting – Spreadsheets, CSV, PDF, Templates, LaTeX, format
> etc.
> 3) Teaching Perl to Kids before we all die off. I have foster kids to
> experiment on. Might be good to have a few people work on this one.
> 4) Organizing Data – building data structures to simplify your code
> 5) Regular Expressions – Could be taught somewhat language agnostic or at
> least point out some of the differences between languages.
> Thanks,
> David Scholes
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