[Purdue-pm] Meeting in one Week

derrick derrick at csociety.org
Tue Mar 12 09:53:16 PDT 2013

Similarly, we could talk about the different classifications 
of tests. I find it helpful to think about the level 
(user,unit,...) which my test is being run to help figure 
out what I should be writing tests for.


I'll try to come up with a quick 5 minute talk about the 
different levels so we have a base for our conversation.


On 03/12/2013 11:29 AM, Dave Jacoby wrote:
> In almost exactly one week, we'll be getting together for
> the next scheduled meeting of the Purdue Perl Mongers.
> Do we have ideas for topics?
> The one thing I have is a curiosity on unit testing. Writing
> tests is a subject like "eat right", "exercise", "back up
> your data" and "use revision control", in that I'm convinced
> by society that these are the right things to do, but in
> practice, I find myself at a loss on how to go how I
> currently do them to the glorious new world where I do
> things right.
> My issue isn't how to use the *.t syntax and testing
> modules. My issue is knowing what to test for in the first
> place. Once I know what to test and how to test, the syntax
> can and will be learned.
> I could pull out a module or two and we could determine what
> should be tested.
> Or, we could do something else.

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