[Purdue-pm] _Programming Perl_ fourth edition

Mark Daniel Ward mdw at purdue.edu
Mon Feb 20 07:02:53 PST 2012

Dear Dave,

All excellent points!  Thank you!

To help in your 4th case (just FYI), I found out that there's a limited 
number of books that Purdue is licensed to keep on our Safari bookshelf 
for the campus.  Fortunately, the books that Purdue chooses to make 
available is completely dynamic.  I.e., you can ask the staff from the 
library to update the list, if you want a book added, or if a book you 
use is removed.  My understanding is that they try to only remove access 
to books that nobody is using often, to make room for new books.  They 
have added books very quickly for me, whenever I requested this....   
Last time I checked,

Charlotte Erdmann ( erdmann at purdue.edu )

was the person to contact if you want books added to the Safari 
bookshelf that aren't there.  I've used access to O'Reilly books through 
Safari several times while teaching, to save my students money, and they 
had a very positive response to it.

I agree that it can be difficult from off campus.  I encourage you to 
ask her about it (if Charlotte still handles such requests).  I got a 
very positive and quick response, every time I asked about the Safari 

Best wishes,

On 2/20/12 9:56 AM, Dave Jacoby wrote:
> On 2/20/2012 9:07 AM, Mark Daniel Ward wrote:
>> By the way, for the e-book, I'm sure we'll get this in Safari bookshelf
>> through Purdue libraries if people want to read it electronically, at
>> least while connected to the web.
> Valid and good points, except:
> 1) there's a finite number of licenses, and those fill up often during 
> the work day. If you're a night hacker, or here during summer months, 
> it's better.
> 2) I can't connect to Safari when you connect into campus via VPN. I 
> can then RDP into my work Win box, or perhaps SSH redirect, but that 
> seems overboard. If you buy it, you can have it with you.
> 3) I have the one O'Reilly ebook on my phone, my laptop and my Nook, 
> so when I finally get around to writing Android applications, I can 
> have that info where I'm programming, where I'm testing, or on a third 
> screen so I can read, then program, then test.
> 4) There are books that O'Reilly has, that O'Reilly has on Safari, 
> that you cannot get to via Purdue's Safari. I've bumped into that. I 
> can't say *which* books they are, which doesn't help my case, I know, 
> but I've had searches between moments where the licenses are pretty 
> full where the book I want is there, but when I log in again and 
> re-search, it is gone.

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