[Purdue-pm] _Programming Perl_ fourth edition

Dave Jacoby jacoby at purdue.edu
Mon Feb 20 06:56:23 PST 2012

On 2/20/2012 9:07 AM, Mark Daniel Ward wrote:
> By the way, for the e-book, I'm sure we'll get this in Safari bookshelf
> through Purdue libraries if people want to read it electronically, at
> least while connected to the web.

Valid and good points, except:

1) there's a finite number of licenses, and those fill up often during 
the work day. If you're a night hacker, or here during summer months, 
it's better.

2) I can't connect to Safari when you connect into campus via VPN. I can 
then RDP into my work Win box, or perhaps SSH redirect, but that seems 
overboard. If you buy it, you can have it with you.

3) I have the one O'Reilly ebook on my phone, my laptop and my Nook, so 
when I finally get around to writing Android applications, I can have 
that info where I'm programming, where I'm testing, or on a third screen 
so I can read, then program, then test.

4) There are books that O'Reilly has, that O'Reilly has on Safari, that 
you cannot get to via Purdue's Safari. I've bumped into that. I can't 
say *which* books they are, which doesn't help my case, I know, but I've 
had searches between moments where the licenses are pretty full where 
the book I want is there, but when I log in again and re-search, it is gone.

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