[Purdue-pm] Old Geezer Reminiscing

Dave Jacoby jacoby at purdue.edu
Mon Feb 20 07:10:37 PST 2012

As we know, Purdue has several ways to address email. There's the 
qualified name (david.a.jacoby.1 at purdue.edu), the career account name 
(djacoby at purdue.edu) and the alias (jacoby at purdue.edu).

I am subscribed to this list as jacoby at purdue.edu, but my email client 
on my phone has me sending and receiving mail as djacoby at purdue.edu. I 
sent a reply to Mark and the list this AM, which was bounced because I 
sent it from my phone and thus djacoby at purdue and not jacoby at purdue.

purdue-pm is a mailman list. I came up with LISTSERV, and I know that 
you could set a LISTSERV list so you could be subscribed but not 
receive. If that setting is available to me for purdue-pm, it isn't 
clear by the web interface. It was useful at the time so you didn't get 
all the mail when you went on vacation, for example, and it would be 
useful to me now to allow me to receive mail only once when I'm 
subscribed twice. As is, djacoby is now set to receive the digest, while 
jacoby is set to receive things as they come out.

Things where so much better in the good old days. Now, get off my lawn!

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