Mac/Windows -> Unix line endings

sinck at sinck at
Fri Nov 5 15:53:55 CST 1999

\_ $ARGV!!!!!!! EMACS has been *proven* to cause you fingers to fall off!

That's innaccurate and you know it.  I can't believe you would say
such a thing.

*Everyone* knows that they are *worn down* and do *not* fall off.
I've got emacs-pinky at such a stage that folks think I have but four
fingers on my left hand.

\_ It must be all that holding 15 keys with your hands, *and* you nose, to
\_ make the cursor move one letter over.
You must be in the painful-vi-mode rather than picture-mode or a
normal mode.  However the experience does allow me to chord X window
manager functions with the mouse easily.

<ob vi slam>
What are the two vi modes?
1) echo where it echoes what you type
2) beep where it just beeps when you type

\_ (look at this! ---> :-)
Only if you do too.  :-)

The really amusing part is that I've trained my left pinky to curl up
to hit the ctrl key with the end knuckle when it's not been remapped
to the ever-useful caps-lock key.


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